Monday, 25 November 2013

Rip the logo

I don't know if Score was not allowed to issue cards with teams logos or not but this card seems a good example of what Panini would do nowadays.

Showing off half of the Boston B is not showing the Boston B.

But Score did it with a fashionable rip of the border.

That or it seems like those cards I've seen in many blogs from the time the owners were kids and didn't like some players team and simply rip off the teams name or logo.

So everytime I look at this card I touch the upper left corner to make sure it 's not ripped for sure.


  1. Good topic. I would love all cards to have logos. However if the new reality is that they just can't, well it shouldn't be the end of the world. Let's get creative card companies! Panini has done a pretty good job with this on some recent issues by the way.

  2. Score had a license to use MLB logos at the time. Having the "torn paper" run through the cap is just the way it ended up on this particular card.

  3. I definitely agree with your "showing off half of the Boston B is not showing the Boston B" statement. Logos are a key element to cardboard design. But in defense of this particular Score card... at least it says Boston Red Sox. If this was a Panini card, it would just say Boston.

  4. I know it was simply the design for the set. The layout of the cards, in this specific exemplar, resulted in this situation. But for sure looks like a bingo.

    But this is a good idea for companies that nowadays don't have licenses..oh wait! All of them but Topps don't have!

    I hope this exclusive thing will end soon and there is hope for Panini, for example, to keep the good work they are doing right now but without the need to cut off half the head of the players.