Friday, 1 November 2013

So yeah they won it

Well...I know that a Yankee cannot like Red Sox.

I also know that I really don't like them, but the truth is that they overcame their 'issues' and did play well all season and in playoffs.

So yep. They won the World Series.

And they won well.

I got one of those repack boxes with some packs and some rack packs.

One of the packs were this Upper Deck Boston fan pack.

And none the less I also got the Yankees version of this too.

By the cards I got I think these two fan packs are from 2007 or 2008.

And since Boston won the WS I'm sharing with you some of the cards I got in the pack.

Got five 2007 SP Legendary Cuts cards.

I don't know why the more recent ones have the Boston symbol in blue instead of in red but ok. The 'B' is slightly different too.

Those are simply beautiful cards!

I kind of see where Panini got the inspiration for their Cooperstown base cards design.

Also got some Masterpieces cards but these ones made me go quite sad.

Not that they aren't good and with great art.

The thing is that these must be some kind of remake cards because they are not like the originals.

I'm missing the right words to describe it but the originals have that roughness to them like they are not cardboard but made of some kind of true canvas.

These are simple cardboard. Very glossy and smooth but they simple don't feel the same...

I give the spotlight to mister David Ortiz who's still in good health and doing what he does best: hit for the Red Sox.

Other cards I got were three 2007 MLB Artifacts.

Again got a David Ortiz.

Manny Ramirez with short hair is like one of the weirdest things to see.

A Matsuzaka RC in the year Boston also won the WS. I know him better for that red glove he uses.

To end this post two 2007 Upper Deck flagship set.

One of the pillar at Boston, the mighty Dustin Pedroia. He's one of those players that cannot be disassociated from Red Sox and Red Sox from him.

Pedroia try to change teams and it will be bloody strange!

And I think it's only appropriate that Ortiz card celebrating.

Well done Boston Red Sox.

Hope to see Yankees playing well next season to win it all!


  1. Yep, the "Fan Pack Versions" of the Masterpiece cards have a glossy finish instead of a matte finish.

    1. After the first 'blargh' I'm getting used to them. I can live with the glossy-none-canvas-cards of Masterpieces.
      Glad to having you passing by =)

  2. These are really cool. I love that Masterpieces Carlton Fisk.

    1. That's for the moment he was trying to lift the ball for the HR with his shouts. Quite de historical moment. Masterpieces is one of the best sets for historical moments.

  3. my favorite is Big Papi going yard on that horizontal card. Awesome!

    1. And he got the MVP award. Going 11 for 16 only shows how hot he was for the WS.