quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

I must be colourblind

In one of those so loved repack boxes I got a couple of Upper Deck Baseball Heroes packs.

They are good looking cards. Thick and shiny.

And they are in so many different colours I don't think there is rainbow enough after this set.

When I was updating my cards list to add these cards I put, as I usually do, the details about each card.

The main detail here is the colour.

The two top cards, Mauer and Utley, I put as 'brown'.

And this combo card of Pujols and Musial I put as beige.

Since I got a black one I went to COMC check the other possible colours.

And there I found out that the cards stated as being 'brown' were serial numbered.

The thing is that none of the two cards, Mauer and Utley, are serial numbered!

I looked on tradingcarddb as well but there, as in COMC, the common cards are like the beige one and the brown ones are serial numbered.

The thing is that or I'm colourblind and never knew until now or the cards are brown and some one at Upper Deck forget to put the serial number.

Is there anyone out there that can help me here?

I'm starting to thing the sky is blue and the grass green.

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  1. I guess those are just really dark base cards. That is one of the big problems with parallels is the card makers using colors that are too similar. With the Upper Deck Masterpieces it is sometimes hard to tell the difference between the black frame and the dark navy blue frame and for many other sets when they have a Red variation and a Ruby variation they often look the same to me. The parallels that drive me nutty are the ones where they only change the color of the player's name or they use gold leaf foil instead of silver leaf foil.

    Refractors and Super Refractors often give me the same problem.

    1. I've searched in all those main sites listing the info about the set and could not found anything related to some darker base cards. Upper Deck really enjoy playing tricks on us ;)

      About the refractors...it's insane! There are some of them that at least state in the back that they are a certain kind of refractors but what about the others? Well..they shine that's all that matter eheh ;)

  2. "tell the difference between the black frame and the dark navy blue frame "

    Word about Masterpiece on those. Thankfully, one color is serialed while the other is not. But I agree - I think you just got a few darker cards then actual brown. Then again, I never knew brown was a color option in Heroes. I have only seen beige, blue, green, red, black.....

    1. Accordingly with Sports Card Forum http://goo.gl/JIX3WF and The Trading Card Database http://goo.gl/ahYSFq these are the parallel colours:
      Navy Blue
      Sea Green
      Light Blue

      I think those two cards just got a sunburn and that's why they are a bit darker than the normal base cards ;)