quarta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2014

I'm missing something...

I haven't bought a single pack or box or card for such a long time...

I'm in deprivation state!

The good thing about it is that I have spent more time paying attention to the cards I have.

And I find all time of cards.

Look at this 1988 Fleer Dick Schofield.

And Schofield is just one letter away of:


After this great moment let get to where I intended to go at first...

I like the diagonal design some cards have. Specially because in the pitchers cards sometimes the mound is showing with the same inclination as the bottom design line and it looks great.


The top.

Fleer here had to make some tough decisions.

The top diagonal line will cut the photo:

#1 - Reduce the photo to have it all in side the design.
#2 - Cut off the head! Who needs a head anyway!?
#3 - Lets pretend that Schofield plays with a junior bat.

We all can see the result.

PS: I think that in my subconscious I want to do the post only because I wanted to post a tatooed Scofield photo in the blog eheh

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