terça-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2014

When you look form above you see so many people

This is one of my favourite card of a pitcher.

And in one of my favourite sets.

You sometimes have such a combo card that you like everything about it.

I love UD Collector's Choice set and especially the silver border parallels. Way much more than the golden border ones.

The player signature looks awesome and like they truly had signed it with a silver colour pen.

But forgetting all this great stuff about CC set we have what they are quite well known: the gorgeous photography.

I think this is is the only card I have in my collection with a photo taken floating over the pitcher.

That's quite the perspective!

I think this might have been taken while John Smiley was warming-up on the bullpen. It's the better place to take a picture like this. I cannot imagine a flying photographer flying over mound during a ball game.

It would be fun none the less!

I just know I can 'lose' a great deal of time just looking at this card...

And for the greatness of a single main character card we move on to a crowded card.

The perspective the photographer give in the photo makes us feel right in the middle of the action!

You see the batter swinging (probably striking for what it seems...).
You see the catcher with the glove arm stretched to get the ball.
You see the home-plate umpire ready to shout 'strike!' or 'ball!'.

If the angle was a bit more open and more from behind and we could get to see the pitcher. And I've seen cards like that but I think this card is all about the feelings going on at the home-plate.

Great great!

Now I'm thinking of making a wallpaper using UD Collector's Choice cards theme.

3 comentários:

  1. Love the Smiley... first time I've seen that card. How do photographs get those crazy angles?

    1. There are some stadiums that probably have some stands right above the bullpen. Probably was one of those situations ;)

    2. Oh yeah. Didn't even consider that it might be a bullpen situation.