segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Fantasy freak out

I don't know why, but at the beginning of this season, as usual, I was at site to login my fantasy team like I always do since '09.

When I tried to apply for this year fantasy they sent me to the Yahoo site. I thought, like NHL does, that MLB started to have their official fantasy game on Yahoo.

So I've been playing that fantasy since the start of the season and I don't like it. They have a different why of playing that I don't get used to.

Today, for some strange reason, I clicked on my favourited link for the MLB fantasy page and when is my astonishment that it is working!

Why baseball gods!?


Soooooooo I applied none the same to play the rest of the season the official fantasy too...

Still don't get this...

Lets see the teams differences.

Yahoo Fantasy Team:

- Jonathan Lucroy

- Mark Teixeira

- Dee Gordon
- Todd Frazier
- J. J. Hardy

- Kole Calhoun
- Dustin Ackley
- B. J. Upton

- David Freese

- Miguel Montero

- Brett Gardner

- Pedro Alvarez
- Buster Posey

- Austin Jackson

- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
- Ian Kennedy

- Matt Cain

- Alex Wood
- David Robertson

- A. J. Burnett
- Brad Ziegler

- John Axford
- Tanner Roark

Since I did my rank with some thought I got players I like.
But only last month I started having some victories...

MLB Fantasy Team:

- Wilson Ramos

- Allen Craig

- Ian Kinsler

- Adrien Beltre

- Andrelton Simmons
- Alfonso Soriano

- Justin Upton

- Brett Gardner

- Anthony Rendon
- Jarrod Saltalamacchia
- Carlos Gomez
- Starlin Castro

- Avisail Garcia
- Kyle Seager

Here I didn't pick any players, so these were assigned to me randomly, but I got couple of players I also got in Yahoo league and others I like too.

Meanwhile the random league I was put in misses yet some teams so I didn't started playing yet.

I'm trying to trade Avisail Garcia for Steve Pearce, Wilson Ramos for Kurt Suzuki and
 Allan Craig for C. J. Cron.

Lets see what I can do in this league.

2 comentários:

  1. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who picks up cards of their fantasy sports players.

    I tried for two years to play fantasy baseball. It was waaaaaay too much work. I felt like I had taken on a second job. Maybe it was just how the league was set up but moving guys in and out of my lineup daily got old very fast. That's why I like fantasy football. It keeps me interested in football (American football LOL) and only takes a few minutes a week.

    1. Most of the players I started collecting and liking was because I got them in my fantasy team.
      That's a terrific way of knowing some obscure or rookie players.

      That's why I don't like Yahoo fantasy game too. You have to update the team every day.
      On MLB fantasy you set the team for the week and you have to cope with it no matter the results lol That's a bit hardcore because you have to bet more and manage with more careful your lineup choices.