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Were they true prospects? - Ken Hill and Dennis Cook

Ken Hill

Career Years total: 14
Position: Pitcher
Win–Loss record: 117–109
Earned run average: 4.06
Strikeouts: 1,181
Teams: 7 different teams
  •     St. Louis Cardinals (1988–1991)
  •     Montreal Expos (1992–1994)
  •     St. Louis Cardinals (1995)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1995)
  •     Texas Rangers (1996–1997)
  •     Anaheim Angels (1997–2000)
  •     Chicago White Sox (2000)
  •     Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2001)
MLB debut: September 3, 1988 for the St. Louis Cardinals
Last MLB appearance: April 18, 2001 for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Career highlights and awards: All-Star (1994)

Dennis Cook

Career Years total: 14
Position: Pitcher
Win–Loss record: 64–46
Earned run average: 3.91
Strikeouts: 739
Teams: 9 different teams
  •     San Francisco Giants (1988–1989)
  •     Philadelphia Phillies (1989–1990)
  •     Los Angeles Dodgers (1990–1991)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1992–1993)
  •     Chicago White Sox (1994)
  •     Cleveland Indians (1995)
  •     Texas Rangers (1995–1996)
  •     Florida Marlins (1997)
  •     New York Mets (1998–2001)
  •     Philadelphia Phillies (2001)
  •     Anaheim Angels (2002)
MLB debut: September 12, 1988 for the San Francisco Giants
Last MLB appearance: September 18, 2002 for the Anaheim Angels
Career highlights and awards: World Series champion (1997)

Both have long careers but one was a starter and the other was a relief pitcher.
Ken Hill has an All Star call but none the same Dennis Cook wins because of the WS title.

To consider them as true prospects makes me think a bit.
I just have some doubts because they have so many teams. I always think that if you are good the team you are in tries everything to keep you. If you are traded a lot I always think there is some problem...

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  1. I'd say they were prospects but didn't turn out to have real great careers. I tend to think any pitcher who pitches as long as these guys and has a winning record, should be given some slack.