quinta-feira, 3 de julho de 2014

Late take on NHL final

I still have two games of NYRangers vs Montreal Canadians taped to watch.

So you can see how I've been out of the game lately.

I don't have any Stanley Cup game taped but since Rangers lost to the Kings I don't think I lost that much...

But the Rangers, even if beating my Penguins, are still my second favourite team so I was happy with their season.

One man that helped a lot with Rangers success was mister Rick Nash.

I already liked him while playing with the Blue Jackets and since I heard he signed with NY I was quite happy.

And he did great!

For next year I hope that my Pens, with a new coach, manage to win the playoff ghost that have been hunting the team since the Stanley Cup win back in '09.

By the way... I love this Upper Deck Victory cards!

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  1. The Montreal series was pretty amazing.

    And actually, now that some time has passed I can appreciate the Finals, too. Four of the five games were very close and full of drama. Rangers played about as well as I hoped for but the better team won.

    Let's Go Rangers (in '14-'15)