Thursday, 10 December 2015

50 Cities of the World #23 Copenhagen

 Welcome to Copenhagen!

Since I've been a bit off the blog you might think I've been truly traveling around and going to all this terrific cities but no.

Real life kind of sucks sometimes...

So! Today we're at Copenhagen! And that's all that matters!

I kinda picture the card image been 'taken' at the end of evening, when the Sun is setting.

The picture just gives me those sunset vibes.

As you know, Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark.

But what I didn't know was the library info. I don't know nowadays how many volumes one of those few big libraries have, but back then, having around 250'000 volumes was massive!

I'd be proud if I as them.

I know that with internet we have so much in so little space but...nothing wins over a book.

I have this thing for coast cities (I live in one so...) so I know I'd love to know Copenhagen.

Sure, right now when I hear or talk about Copenhagen all I remember is that the 'Barden Bellas won the Worlds at Copenhagen'. I'm off to listen to Pitch Perfect OST.

But don't forget to check Copenhagen wiki page.

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