Saturday, 26 December 2015

Star Wars - trading cards

The first Star Wars on Christmas generated quite a craziness around the merchandising (if it wasn't enough when opening on May) so it was somehow a lucky finding the 3 packs plus the album with an extra pack I got.

Only noticed now that the cards are from Topps. We get a lot of Topps cards around here...except the ones I truly wanted: baseball cards.

But I'm ok with the SW cards though.

In this collection we have cards for the original trilogy and for the new film.

We have the usual base cards and the inserts. Metal cards (1:2), Rainbow Metal cards (1:5) and Limited Edition cards (1:36).

This Chewie card is one of the metal ones. You cannot quite tell it by the scan but it is. They shine but not that much.

You can see, they are in Portuguese. An other thing I only noticed after a while. It's cool, and the translation seems to be in correct Portuguese, but I'd prefer they were in English. You somehow always get a bit Lost in Translation.

You have some of the iconic moments which is pretty cool. But...well...almost all moments in SW films are iconic and important.

I got only a couple of cards from the new The Force Awakens film. This Phasma Captain card, a metal card, is one of them.

The cards design is not one to remember but it doesn't get in the way of the picture so I'm ok with it.

I love this card. I have to confirm if there is an other one where you see the death Star BOOOOOMing. Because if there is that cards I want it!

This Stormtrooper card is also a metal card.

How cool is a TIW fighter!? Way cool! Just hoping for an X-Wing card too.

The mighty Obi-Wan! Also a metal card. I got lucky with the inserts I think.

Damnnnnnnn this always make me blue...

This Limited Edition Luke card was on the Album pack. I don't know if all the Albums packs have this card, but if not...hell yeah! I got lucky!

This card and scene gives me the creeps...

The happy final of A New Hope.

Little Wicker! An other insert metal card.

I quite don't know hoe to distinguish between the normal metal from the rainbow metal...I think I need to buy more.

Now, the cards back.

Each card have a summary of the scene and indicates to which film in the sage it belongs.
Noticed that the card for the new film doesn't display the SW logo like the others. It's a Disney thing?

The Limited Edition Luke card is the only one different from the other character cards. It shows the character main info (even if it feels redundant to acknowledge that Luke is a man...but ok) while the others tell a bit of story of the character.

So. That's it. I hope to get more cards. I have a poster, that came with the Album with the list of the cards. Got to check it to see what I might get next.

May the Force be with you.