Thursday, 24 December 2015

Star Wars

So I finally got to watch the new Star Wars.

It's a shame the cinema tickets are quite not like the old ones. Now they are just paper and the ink flies like hell and in no time you're just keeping a white paper..But until that I'll keep it. And with the photo it's here forever.

The SW fever is so much that I could only get 3 packs of the trading cards. I saw 2 tin box but when I came to the store again after watching the film they were gone!

But I got the album to keep the cards. At least that! It also brings some cards that I'll be opening all of them tonight and might post them after.

I also got 2 key chains. And it was a fight!

Releasing the Star Wars film, for the first time, on Christmas is insane! The merchandising just flew from the stores in no time!

That the Force be with you in this Christmas. And always.


  1. Merry Christmas Ana! I hope Pai Natal is good to you!

    1. For you too! All the best and a great Christmas!
      Hoping Pai Natal will bring you some good presents too ;)
      Feliz Natal meu amigo.