Thursday, 12 February 2015

50 Cities of the World #14 Vienna

Ahhhhh Vienna!

Welcome to one more round in our trip all over the world!<

I don't know why but, at least here, we always tend to say 'Vienna of Austria'.  Just to let everybody know we know for sure which is the capital of Austria.

I have this thing...big, huge, all time thing!...for Austria.

I blame The Sound of Music for that.

Even if Austria is not that big it seems to have so much wonder and beauty that I think the size doesn't matter (yeah...)

I think the main highlight in the card, the cathedral, is St. Stephen's Cathedral.

The card back mentions the Austrian Empire meaning the all mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire which fell after World War I.

By that time Austria had Navy because they had sea. How things change.

If you like history, if you like cold, if you like splendid views, or if you simply love Edelweiss you must go and visit Austria and its beautiful capital Vienna!

Check Vienna's wiki page.


  1. I just went back and read all of your Cities of the World entries. Nice writing! I love the vintage Non-Sports cards myself, though I do not have too many of them yet.

    1. Ohh Hi!
      Thanks! That set is one of my favourite from the few non-baseball I have. I have an other similar to this one which I intend to make posts like I'm doing for the 50 Cities. But I won't spoil it already ;)
      And it's always good to know that you enjoy my writing since I'm a non-english spoken.

  2. I can understand that, I like it too! World history is a favorite topic of mine as well. Your writing is fine- better than some people who have grown up speaking nothing but English :)