Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Panini Adrenalyn 2014/15 Portuguese League

While shopping I noticed one more Panini's attempt to commercialize cards here in Portugal.

These cards are more of a game that can be played like Magic or online (the cards have codes on the back to redeem in the site but I still have to try it..)

And to be a bit more US style we have a base set and some inserts with different odds! How nice is that!?

So I start with some kind of inserts.

I don't understand these cards because they are not stated in the packs odds as inserts but they are not quite like the base set cards.

Notice the first player, Bebé...It's not his real name it's a nickname he always used and it means baby.

Why would a pro-football player want to be known as baby I don't get it in this life and next.

And I think that's why my Benfica sent him in loan.

The cards are quite colourful. That's a given.

And since the uniforms are colourful as well sometimes I think I have to use sun glasses...

As you can see the cards state the players name on the left, and on the right is a statement like, let me see in english...Fantasist? Idol!? Some statements I doubt to be that accurate but ok...

We also get some 'Club' Portugal cards with players that play in foreign clubs but play for our national team.

I din't like Beto before but after he defended those penalties in UEFA Euro League final against my Benfica...against the laws! I simply can't stand him...

Of course that with my lucky I would get a Cristiano Ronaldo card...

But look at these pairing cards! Those are quite good looking!

These are parallels but are stated as inserts. They are all shiny and besides the look the things that change are the numbers on the bottom which are used to play.

Theses parallels have higher numbers.

These black inserts are probably my favourites.

I have this thing for black cards.

And again look at my luck!

This Ronaldo card is one of the inserts more difficult to get as stated in packs odds. But ok...not only I got on card of the insert set but it had to be precisely of him.

And now we have the base cards.

I got lots of cards for small clubs of the's a shame meaning I have to spend more money buying more packs trying to get more Benfica players.

Can you see the small dots on the card left!?

They are not only to see but it has some bump to it. (I cannot get a good translate on google for what I trying to say...)

Wow! A card where you can see the ball! That's a good one!

So that's all for now. Lets see if I will buy more like I said.


  1. Nice! I know nothing about soccer but I bought at least 80 packs of the World Cup set from last year. Adrenalyn is so fun and addictive. Awesome to see cool international sets get some blog love. Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. I must say that Panini, for what I can see, do a terrific job in the US with football (your soccer) cards. And it's nice that they are trying the same here. Because stickers is *the* thing around here they tend to forget how to make great cards.

  2. Thank you for sharing these! Even though I don't know any of the teams or players, it's still fun to look at cards I wouldn't likely see otherwise.

    1. I hope that at least you get to know Cristiano Ronaldo. If the american press is just like the european he's all over's a pain..
      Even if you don't know the players or teams you must tell they look shinny colorful lol ;)