Sunday, 15 February 2015

The game of Wallet Card - Rizzles

Well, JT is trying to catch (!!!) up with Rizzoli and Isles for the coming back of S5 finale in February 17.

This show is just like baseball.

You have all the things they say (I cannot quote them because it would be like transcribing almost all script! And it would increase the blog rating to R) - 1B

You have all the eye!sex - 2B

You have all the TGTGT - 3B

We are all just missing the HOME RUN ladies!

JT included. Even if his favourite in the show is Jo Friday.


  1. hahaha..... I watch R & I and I had no idea about all that. I looked up 'rizzles' and TGTGT. Now I'll never watch them the same way again.

    1. I've read the books and since day 1 I loved them!
      And only this year I got myself into watching the series. I didn't know it was soooooooooo different from the books!
      But I've learned to love it thou.

      And you know..once you go never come back ;)