Friday, 25 November 2016

Because there are two countries in the world that may fear this hollyday season

You see, you have turkey for Thanksgiving and there is Turkey the country.

And in Portuguese we have peru (turkey in Portuguese) for Christmas (most people still prefer cod fish though...) and yep, there is Peru country too.

Soooooo...Since we have like a turkey/peru feast for like 2 months lets have also 2 Turkey Red cards.

May the turkey be with you.


  1. Cod fish???

    Next thing I know, you'll export your language to a country on another continent. Somewhere you wouldn't expect people to speak Portuguese.

    1. LOL Yeah! We might be the country that most consume cod fish in all possible ways in the world. We mainly import it from Norway and we even taught them how to preserve the cod fish the best way to keep all the nutrients and to be ready to be cooked for anything.

      Not so sure about most people speaking Portuguese. We're like ranking 5th in the most spoken language in the world. But that's because Brasil is huge! lol

  2. Gobble, Gobble = Happy Holidays (in turkey talk)