Monday, 23 January 2017

Star Wars - are you even ready for more Rogue One?

You know...Real life sometimes is a total b*tch so I couldn't post sooner.

I know I was showing my Topps cards but meanwhile got more Star Wars cards and I'm almost completing the collection! I'm what...10 short of getting them all, I think.

The Girl Power in the original series and then in the prequel was there, by Leia and Padmé, but now in the sequel and spin-offs it is even more visible that Disney is betting high on it.

All for it!

One of my favourite is the transparent Krennic. Thsi guy gives me the chills...

Lots, and LOTS of K-2SO!

He's quite photogenic...

I can sooooooooo picture a new comic series about Director Krennic...


  1. Jackpot! K-2SO was my second favorite character in Rogue One.

    1. If you want, we can arrange a way to get you a couple of cards ;)