quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2017

Topps 2016 - Team Cards

I don't know if Topps did this consciously or not, but this year there were lots of horizontal cards with great team moments.

Team cards were always there, but there are other player cards that can make it into Team Cards category too.

Cubs one. After 108 years they one. Here it is a great Cubs card. Because 2016 had some great moments.

Like I said, there are players cards that represent more of a team moment than only the player. I love these cards! Might as well start a new entry in my binder collections.

It seems these cards are almost all Pitchers cards with the Catcher. Which is a mini-team inside every team. They work good together. All the team works good together.

And to break a bit of the trend here is a Pitch card being saluted by teammates.

I don't know from which game this photo is. But I'll treasure it like the moment they won the WS.
(Which we'll get for sure in next year set as an highlight moment card)

Beltre is celebrating a hit? A run? I don't know, but the stadium in the background turns this card a precious thing.

Because ball players look like kids. Was this a walk-off moment?

Talking about WS highlight moments cards. Royals won! It took 2 consecutive WS but they actually did it!

And what a nice card!

And I walk-off from this post in great mood.

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