segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017

Topps 2016 - The Yankees

I got 6 Yankees. 4 Pitchers and 2 field players.

Here I got Betances and Chapman. Would I have get Miller and it would be like a Perfect Game.

It seems Severino is considered the Yankees' top prospect. I got his Rookie Card so lets see the next seasons.

I got to tell that he looks a bit like the next Sir.

CC Sabathia. Probably the Yankees' pitcher I have more cards of.

Refsnyder is an other Top Prospect and an other Rookie Card. And to counterweigh I also got McCann who is no longer a Yankee but an Astro. But he did good with Yankees.

I see many bloggers complaining about getting lots of Yankees. I really wish I would 'complain' about that too lol

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