Friday, 28 December 2018

2018 Topps Big League - Red

And after Christmas here we are getting ready to shut down 2018 and start 2019. I have a couple of retail boxes 'under my eye' so I might go and lose my head next year and get a couple to start the best way the year.

But for now, the last colour in my rainbow retail 2018 Big League box, we go red!

Pack 1.

Always good to get a catcher's card with them wearing the mask.

Cron and the players with only letters names. But he also counts me +3 for the bat outside the frame (and my scanner likes those, because it cuts them off).

Two horizontal cards in a row! Already got better ones but these two are cool too. The Lindor card I've seen in sites that is one of those in the error cards list, but here I got the correct one, with no up-side-down effect.

For landscape party I get +4 plus +4

And also two Ballpark Landmarks right next to each other and both for the Cubs!

The Ivy wall and Green Monster are two of the most icon walls I know..(don't let those people that like to marry walls know about them or it will get weird!)

For both beauties I get +7 plus +7

Ahhhhh My type of card! Yankees! =D

Drury also likes to get off the picture and besides counting me +10 also counts +3 for the bat.

Is Harper still a big thing!?

Nice card. Still have my doubts about the Mash's just a normal base card with a funny and intrusive frame =\

But ohhhhhhh well. Adding +7 and +3 for the outside the frame bat.

For a long time I mixed both, the one with two 'nn' and the one with only one 'n'. So I started collecting both! And for that I get +7 and +1 for the gold.

Result: 56

Pack 2.

Moreland to start and already taking me -5 but adding +3 for the bat outside the frame.

Nice two cards here!

Longoria looks soooooooooooo strange in a Giants uniform..

Game day and an other Ballpark Landmark this time around for the Cardinals' Stan Musial Statue. Count me some +7

Those splashes of paint..really Topps..this design is a mess.. But I get +7

I had to read, and read once more, to be sure this was not A-Rod. And I still can't believe Sanchez is not A-Rod because in this photo he sure looks like him! None the less, it's a Yankee so I get +10 and also +3 for the bat almost all gone.

Moustakas to end the pack in a golden note and adding to the count +3 for the bat and +1.

Result: 29


  1. Buster was my favorite from this pack.

    1. Agree. From the other pack I have to say Sano. That's a cool photo.

  2. I agree, the Ministers of Mash card design is a disaster. Very unappealing.

    1. I imagine at Topps HQ people thinking 'how can we disgrace the design even more?'