Monday, 24 November 2014

50 Cities of the World #6 Dublin

 And now we move to Ireland and its capital Dublin.

I wonder why there is no Belfast card...

Just spicing a bit the UK vs Ireland question.

When I think of Ireland and Dublin what comes to mind are rainbows and little elf in the end with a huge pot of gold, also lots and lots of pubs and bear.

But as the card back states there is a bit more to it.

Dublin stands by a river, which happens in a lot of capitals and also has lots of space for people.

It states that the most important street is Sackville Street which is the one represented in the card. You can see by this image.

One last...If you've never watched before please go as fast as you can to youtube and search for Gaelic football. You'll be surprised and you'll simply become a fan of the sport.

For more Dublin info go to the wiki page.

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