Monday, 3 November 2014

50 Cities of the World #4 Edinburgh

And the forth city of the world is the capital of Scotland, the beautiful Edinbugh.

Never went there but for what I could see so far from UK I think I would choose Scotland to live in.

You see, it's like everyone else has a dog, but there you can say you have a Loch Ness monster!

Edinburgh is quite the historical city, like many of those in the UK islands.

As said in the card back it has great universities and museums and if it was like that a century or two ago, it is the same thing nowadays.

If you want to feel,breath and live 'historical' then I think Edinburgh is quite a good place.

Here's the link to the city wiki page.


  1. Three places I plan to see when I retire and have the time are England, Portugal (Azores) and Japan.

    1. Japan is so different that I think almost every occidental people wants to go there. It's the manga/anime paradise! ;)

      If you come to Portugal, besides Açores you must come to Lisbon too. Then you can go from here to England eheh

  2. Great looking card. Antique cards like that beat new Allen & Ginters any day.

    1. These kind of cards were the trigger that made me pay attention to A&G. But then I found the 'real' ones and go for it. They truly are one little beauty thing.