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50 Cities of the World #5 Glasgow

And now for the 5th installment of the series we travel to Glasgow.

I must say that one of my favourite football teams is Glasgow Rangers. So I have this particular fondness for Glasgow.

As usual for one or two centuries ago (sometimes I forget we are no longer on XX century but in XXI...) the main feature a city could have was a cathedral.

I think, for what google can show me on images search, the left building presented in the card is Glasgow Cathedral. But the right building I cannot picture what it might be...

You see. There is no building to the right.

Perhaps the card is showing a building that is no longer there or it was just a representation of two important buildings that are not side-by-side but are important to represent the city.

Reading the card back information you can see Glasgow is next to London the most populous city in the UK island. Or at least it was back then.

It states the cathedral is a fine Gothic style example and it also mentions the university buildings. Perhaps the right building is one of their universities.

Like this one:

You can get more info in wiki page.

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