Monday, 24 November 2014

Cartoon cards

I like these cards.

But there are a couple of them that make me think they lost their minds doing the pseudo-draws.

Look at the top card of Dave Concepcion.

I think this is the only card of him I possess.

I thought at first that they got carried away and turned the poor guy into a cartoon.

But then I saw the picture they inspired to produce the card.

I must say that here it's not card fault but Dave faults.

He, himself, has a cartoon face!

But following this card I have these couple.

I've seen these two players playing so I know well their faces.

And I must say that the last time I checked Phil Hughes didn't have oriental eyes.

And Andy Pettite didn't have CC Sabathia 's body!
And the little finger...I cannot start on that!

But all in all...This is a funny set.
I just need to understand the thing of the colours on the back changing from red to green. And if it means it is a double set only changing the card back foreground colour.


  1. The red backs and green backs are "separate" sets. There's a red back and green back for every card.

    That Concepcion is the scariest cartoon card I've ever seen.

    1. So there are two sets based on the back colour. They love to make us waste money..

      Poor Concepcion, not only he's real cards are spooky enough they go and do this with his cartoon card. I can only imagine what it would be like he's card in Donruss DK set..

  2. Lol... cartoon face. Love that term. It definitely needs to be added to the card collectors' dictionary.