Tuesday, 28 April 2015

50 Cities of the World #19 Lisbon - Revisited

I started this thread of posts long ago with #19.

You see, some keep the best to the end I simply start with it.

So. Since I already posted about Lisbon I only revisiting it.

The card shows one of the main places in the city, the square in downtown know as Terreiro do Paço, where people would gather, many centuries ago, to watch the sailors depart to discover new worlds.

Unfortunately the only way we discover new worlds nowadays is by emigrating to other countries...and we are emigrating a lot again...

By train, airplane, boat...all roads come to Lisbon (I know the saying it's about Rome but let it be people).

You got to visit one of the best places in the capital which is Parque das Nações (Nations Park). Every day I stop there and see so many tourists! It's quite enjoyable to get to see all those cultures around there.
The '98 World Expo was there and we did a terrific job transforming the area into one of the most busy and lively areas in Lisbon.

Just a few pictures...

If they would make a new set of these cards maybe one of these pictures would make it into the card.

Ahhhhhh And don't forget to visit Benfica stadium too ;)

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