sexta-feira, 17 de abril de 2015

2012 Panini Cooperstown - lets visit the HoF 9

And this is the last tour to my HoF.

I have this fan girl love for Harmon if I was still a teen I'd have all my room walls covered with his posters and cards!

And then there is the top model style of Arky Vaughan. Like he doesn't care about what is happening in the field but in only looking coooooooooooooool.

And if it was not enough we also have mister Brooks. Shame the front image is not that must be one of the worst cards in the set because of the picture they managed to put in the card.

Thanks the card back is better! And we get Brooks awesome smile...

And finally, last 3 cards including the only SP I got.

Tris Speaker in Technic Colour. That's one bloody great card!

Just don't understand why the card back doesn't also have a coloured photo. It would make sense, in my opinion.

So that's all folks! If you wanna trade some of the cards and help me out completing the main set, just check the tab on top and if you have some of the cards I'm missing contact me and I'll see if I have some that you might also need.

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