Tuesday, 7 April 2015

2012 Panini Cooperstown - lets visit the HoF 8

Well, I've been quite out of the game lately and have not being posting that much. That's why I'm that bad and I'm still posting about the HoF cards I got on Christmas.

I'm ashamed of myself!

Lets see if now that MLB season finally started I find more time to update more often. But I haven't gotten any new card to display, so it will be only old treasures of mine.

But almost finishing the trip to the HoF we are now in hall number 8 with some big names, but being the bigger, even if only for the mustache, Mister Goose!

Shame his photo on the back is the same as in the front.

And I have to say that Jim Palmer was quite the good looking people!

I'll think the next post will be the last in this series.

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