Saturday, 31 December 2016

Topps 2016 - insert cards

I finally got some flagship Topp's cards for this year. It's never late for baseball cards!

Two packs of 72 cards and I can say I got some good cards all-in-all.

It's just sad I cannot recognize many of the players (since ESPN America decided to only care about british people I don't get to watch many games and news about baseball), but still, I got a few of my favourite players cards. That's a good thing in the end.

Lets start with the insert cards.

So I got two MLB Debut cards. Those look good. They remind me of that insert cards from the 2013 hobby packs. But those were thick and these are normal cards.

Gray reminds me of other player...Jonathan Papelbon perhaps.

Martinez card look a bit like a Gipsy Queen card. Don't you think?

First Pitch card is ok. I already had some of those Presidential pitch cards but it's cool to see more common people making it into a card.

Maddux cards are always welcomed into my collection.

And a complete game highlight with only 76 pitches thrown? Really!? Those players were truly something...

Ichiro already has 3'030 hits on MLB. But it's nice to know I got the 1'222 hit.

Well I got a nice Aaron reprint. As stated in the card back. Because it's nice to make sure.

An other The Kid tribute by Topps. Again it seems like I've seen this design some years ago Topps. You got to update your ideas because it gets repetitive...

I don't have many O'Neill cards, but it's nice to have this one. This looks like some '80s or '90s Topps cards. Those were fine looks to me.

Topps is celebrating again Walk Offs. I think this has to be one of the few themes I don't mind seeing every year in their sets.

When you get a game with like, 14 innings, for example, and the you get a walk-off hit, or walk, or even a home-run!, it's a great feeling.

You can keep bringing this one again Topps. But this year design is not that of a precious thing.


I don't like the shitty word-art-name on the card, but I truly like the top-view of the photo!

I collect 'front-row-cards' (you can see some of them on the blogger sections list) but this one is new and I kinda love it!

Change the word-art and come next year with this insert set again Topps!

An other Maddux card? I sense a theme here...

And since Cubs won this year WS (say wooooooooow again!) it's only very nice to get this card.

Ahhhhhhhhh and I was thinking I wouldn't get a Yankee card!

Got to love the 'p-Coach' position on the card. And other reprint that I'd treasure as it was the original.

And now two cards that are not quite from insert sets but I count them as much.

The two numbered to 2016 cards I got are a Reds Team card with one of the players I collect: Votto, and the other are a highlight from last year WS winners: The Royals.

And I love the subtle shiny thing going on in these numbered cards.

And this way, I wish you all a Happy New Year, full with everything good you can have, way better than 2016, and with lots of baseball and cards memories.

Thanks for being there.


  1. Whoa. I don't think I opened any 2016 Topps packs. Were your packs "hot packs"? That's a lot of inserts for two packs of cards. Happy New Year!

    1. Well to be precise I bought those 72 cards packs (or I should say boxes?). Do you say hang-boxes? I don't quite know how exactly you call it.
      Each one of those brought the same number of inserts~, which means, 7 inserts by box.
      I don't buy Topps flagship cards since 2013. It's been a while...I'd take everything I'd get lol

    2. I think I've seen them called "hanger" boxes, but I'm not 100% sure, since I've never actually bought one. Seems like a good deal though if you get all of those inserts.