Sunday, 23 June 2019

2011 A&G Highlight Sketches

I always have mixed feelings about 'sketchy' cards.

I prefer you go all the way and make it look more like cartoon than trying to make it look like real people. But 2011 A&G try is not that bad. At least we can identify the players with some easy.

Here Jay Bruce card is about the moment he hit a walk-off homer on the first pitch to make Reds win Houston 3-2 and clinch the NL Central Division title.

Starlin Castro card is about his debut on a Cubs 14-7 win over Reds scoring for himself 6 runs.

I should count this as an almost RC for Castro.

Ryan Howard always had an aura around him, making him one of those few players that even playing for a team you don't like you pay attention to his career.

His card is for the mark he achieved of being the fastest player to reach 250 homers.

This is one of those inserts I'd not dislike to have back in a future A&G set.


  1. I've got mixed feelings on art based sets. On one hand... some sets like 2001 Topps Gallery and 2008 UD Masterpieces were beautifully done. But I can't say that the Ginter Sketch inserts are in the same league.

    1. The only art set I truly care about is the old DKs. I think I have a binder only for those. The ones Topps is doing it's more difficult to enjoy. But I liked the Big League sketches. Those are fun, they remind me of the bubble heads.