Tuesday, 18 June 2019

2011 Allen & Ginter - Ginter Code

A love A&G sets, and always read about people trying to break the code. I never understood how is this done.

But I always kept the few cards I got about it, like these two 2011 A&G cards promoting the code game.

And maybe that's why I never looked closely to the cards, for I always thought it was just a promo card. But then I looked better and noticed that the clock is not marking the same time in both.

And after checking the wonderful internet I found:

"The first thing needed were the promo cards because the clocks reflected in the mirror were important.  The promo cards had 10 different times on them."

Ohhhhhhhhhhh  So that's it! Everything is explained here.

That's why it pays off to not throw any card, even the promo ones, out.


  1. I remember when someone dedicated a blog to showing how they solved the Ginter code. That was a great read. I love my puzzles, but I never even attempted to solve it. Way, way, way out of my league.

    1. For the synopses I've read of what was needed to do to decode it I think it's quite out of my league for sure! =\ But respect for the ones who did it!

  2. I liked the code contests in a&G unfortunately you needed to bust a ton "of wax" to even come close enough to have all the pieces needed to solve the puzzle.

    1. Well, that's exactly what Topps want eheheh ;)