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1991 Fleer Ultra - pack 9

Back to my 1991 Fleer Ultra collection.

Today I'll post about a pack and I'll be missing an other 2 and then it's finish the recap of my set.

Lets see if I get something interesting like dust falling from the pack.

I like Toronto bird logo more than other teams bird logo. Maybe I just like because it's blue.

Now the cards.

#1 of 10 Barry Bonds OF@PIT - An other insert card for the 'Ultra Team' set. And not only is the card #1 but also a Barry Bonds card. Pretty cool.

#2 Jeff Blauser IF@ATL - When the card states the player as an 'Infield' I tend to think he just played a few games and in almost infield positions to fill holes. Not the case for Jeff at least looking for his '90 states.

#40 Jeff Reardon P@BOS

#66 Ryne Sandberg 2B@CHC -  I think I've seen you before..But a nice photo is always welcome.

#100 Paul O’Neill OF@CIN - Card #100! I like round numbers. O'Neill here with the Reds in the year he would have his first All-Star call. After that is History...with my Yankees!

#123 Mike Henneman P@DET - They seem to like him a lot in Detroit.

#125 Dan Petry P@DET

#138 Mark Portugal P@HOU - WoW! What a moment! A player named after my country!? I've tried to find any clue if he has luso-ascendancy but found none information about that. One thing is for sure, I'll add Mark to my Pitchers collection.

#153 Jeff Montgomery P@KC - Has an entry in the 300 Saves list and the Saves Champions list.

#160 Kal Daniels OF@LAD

#168 Juan Samuel 2B@LAD

#181 Bill Spiers IF@MIL - Ok! Stop right now! And there is dust!!! Shame the diving player (Tigers player I think...) has the head cut out. Probably because of the Fleer Ultra logo not get in the way of Spiers head. Favorite card so far!

#196 Kevin Tapani P@MIN - WS champ in the house!

#260 Darren Daulton C@PHI

To sum it up, I like this pack a lot! The Portugal and Spiers card made it an A pack. Would have I get a Yankee player and it would have been an A+.

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