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Harry Potter Trading Card Game - Extra Inning

Today the cards I'm showing are not sport cards.

No...They are not the Dragon Ball cards yet. I'm still trying to get them all processed...

It's Harry Potter time!

A few years ago I was so into HP that I'd buy anything that would have something to do with HP. All kinds of merchandising.

But what concern the trading cards I only bought a few packs because it was a bit difficult to find them on stores.

None the less I got a few I like.

Would have like it better if I could get more Harry/Hermione cards.


I belonged to one of those 'ships'.

HMS Harmony or my favorite HMS Pumpkin Pie.

Loved the fandom. Great time...

Well! Back to the cards!

I'm torn between liking this card and being afraid of it.

I like because it's Ana Abbott. Not because I care about her but just because she has my first name. Even spelled the same way!

I'm kind of afraid because she looks like a ghost!

I must say that scanning this kind of card won't do any good to it, but taking a photo it gets quite cool because you can see the phantom-chromium character on the card. Just like seeing it in person.

What I quite can't stand is that they are not in English.

I appreciate the effort to make it easy for kids to understand what is written and make the translation. The problem is that what is written on the cards is not quite  Portuguese.

Well, following the Internet schema is not Portuguese(Portugal) but Portuguese(Brazil).

Sorry but it's too bad to see that they don't mind if it's not well written in the true language of origin.

There are different words and grammar structures.

But the same thing happens to Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon and other trading cards. No one, or almost no one, cares about translating to Portuguese here in Portugal. So we have to take the Brazilian things.

Nothing against in Brazil do what is right which is translate they speak. What bothers me is not having the same thought by the merchandising companies here in Portugal.

The cards are the normal for trading cards games.

Here we have the Lessons cards that work as mana.

Then we have Creatures cards with the damage they can make and the health points too.

Here are the Objects cards. These are like the artifacts cards.

Here are the Enchantment cards. Work just like the normal concept of it.

More Enchantment cards. Got lot of green spells. If they were Magic cards I'd be pretty happy! My Magic decks were always built based on Forests (green mana).

You can see that here we have the usual quote line in some cards. I love that. It brings us closer to the story. In HP case it makes me go back and remind some famous and iconic moments and words.

Ending with red Enchantment cards. And also my favorite card: the top right corner. Yep, it has a Harry/Hermione draw.

I for sure didn't bought the cards for the game. I did for the drawing.

I had some other HP merchandising with these draws too and when I knew the cards pictured them also I new it was a win.

Nothing against cards picturing film photos, I like those too, but these draws are so cool that I prefer.

And it gets more closely to my book imaginary than the real deal with true people photos.

True people photos make me think of fanfiction and it's whole different perspective ^_-

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