sexta-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2013

Old School Dust - Ty Cobb in a pool of dust

I'm having some turbulence at work.

I have to move upstairs to my old office and you see, packing 2 PCs, 3 monitors, lot of cables, and so many papers...I'm getting dizzy!

So, that's the reason I've been absent from reading and posting.

But after the cloud of dust settle down I hope to get back to be more active on the hobby again.

Well, at least reading and writing.

Now getting back to the point of the post.

The other day I was surfing on Pinterest and found this great photo.

Yep it's Ty Cobb leaving a trail of dust behind.

Well it's not quite dust.

It's more sand itself!

It seems like in those days they played in a pool of sand.

But look at this beauty.

Imagine it in a card.

And it could be with the Panini's Cooperstown design.


It would be the Prima Dona of my Dust-is-in-the-air collection.

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