quarta-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2013

O-Pee-Chee Premier 1992 - More packs

Opened more packs and then I noticed, that there are two kinds of packs.

Some little details that I like so much. It makes me keep at least an sample of the different packs.

And by the fifth pack I got the card that made caught my attention.

The Mark Whiten card live in person is soooooooooooooo even more better!

I think I lost all sense of grammar in the above sentence but the card is truly a beauty!

I prefer to see the players face, but in this case the photo of the back is just the perfet angle for the photo.

You can almost feel like being Whiten himself sliding to the base and make all that dust fly into the air.

And now I'm quite torn between giving the first place of my Dust-is-in-the-air collection to this card or keep the '87 Topps Kevin Mitchell card on top.

I think I might let Mitchell keep the first place just because the dust cloud is bigger.

And if I was happy having the Whiten card by the 5th pack I got a duplicate right in the next pack.

But his pack is simply great!

If I'd opened this first I'd be falling of my chair on the spot.

None the less I almost did.

Simple love Williams and Justice in-the-middle-of-swing photos. And then got Mattingly and DeShields.

This was the best pack until now!

And just because I was getting so lucky I opened more packs, and by the 10th I got an other of the cards I introducing in deciding or not to buy the box post.

The second-upper left corner card.

Mike Bordick double play. And some little dust.

Then I noticed this Biggio card.

He seems like having abscess in the moth.

Ohhh it's just tobacco or gum.

But that looks weird man! Like you were punched in the face.

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