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50 Cities of the World #1 London

And we are back to 50 fabulous cities of the world!

As Commish said in the comment of my previous post, the #1 card is London.

Since these cards are reproductions from the originals from 1900 you'll notice that most cities look just like a true XIX/XX city.

But there are some icons that were present then and still are now.

Like the Tower Bridge.

When I think of London I always picture this bridge, and the double deck buses, and the palaces.

Ahhhhhh and nowadays the giant wheel, I think they call it the Eye.

And I was almost forgetting...Jack the Ripper!

I think London has around what...2000 years!? So I understand a bit of the 'the world rounds on my belly button' feel British people have about their country and specifically about their capital.

And as stated in the back, they were, back then and still now, a magnificent center of commercial exchanges. Maybe not at 'world' level but more of 'europe' level nowadays.

But I tend to see London similar to Lisbon. They are both country capitals planted right at the river. We have more sun that's for sure!

London is cosmopolitan but you need a lot of money to live there. But as the city center is cool the suburbs are quite nice too. And if you leave there you have the right excuse to spend some time riding the train through those beautiful views and then use the mythic Underground.

Ahhhhhhhhh and don't forget to find the 9 3/4 platform.

For more info on London check the wiki page.

PS: An other thing I like from London is Arsenal. Go Gunners!

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