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US Civil War cards

What to offer as birthday gift to someone that already has everything (yes...there is that time at ones life...)?


So last year I got a collection of cards about the US Civil War to offer to my Dad on his birthday.

It was something he was not quite expecting so it was a terrific surprise.

In a good way!

I selected two collections of 20 cards each.

One collection is about the uniforms used by both the North and South armies.

The top picture is the 10 uniforms cards for North. The next picture is the back of one of the cards.

You can see the collections' name and card number.

Then a lot of info. I like these backs!

You have to which regiment the uniform belongs to and the year and lots of trivia info.

Next is the same but for the South.

I got to say I like both sides uniforms but North seems to win in 'modernity'.

The second collection is all about the leaders. Those whose name the history is made of.

But it's in fact more of a combo because the cards are about the leaders but also about other things like arms and...tents.

Sometimes there is the need to open the collection horizons and collecting historical cards is one way to do it.

That's why I like Allen & Ginter's sets so much. I can see one insert set of these cards in A&G. But if Topps are not doing it I'm doing it by myself.

So yeh...these cards are technically my Dad's cards but I can include them in 'my' collection too.

Now I'm going to read and learn a bit more of US Civil War because I got the cards for a year but still have to really look at them.

4 comentários:

  1. Very nice sets. Like the tobacco cards that these more modern cards are paying tribute to, they are not only nice to look at but they are packed with historic information.

    One thing about the American Civil War I have always found fascinating was the uniforms and their evolution as the war raged on. The South having fewer resources had problems with replacing worn out uniforms.

    1. I'm not sure if these are reprints but you are right they look way nice!
      They are not quite the cardboard of the usual baseball cards but the collecting feeling is the same.

      US Civil War was the first trench war which means a lot thinking about what came next in the WWI.
      My main references I have (besides documentaries I watch) about this war came from Gone With the Wind and Nort and South mini TV-series.

  2. I've never seen those. They are terrific!

    1. You bet! I've already order a couple more of this kind of cards and have others on watch. I get them from a UK seller with lots of interesting cards.