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A Woman Perspective Trade

Returning from a much needed vacations (love natural Vitamin D) and I find a pack from .

He was kind enough to think of my hardship for getting some packs to open and besides a bunch of cards he also got me two packs.

And those were not flagship packs but a Heritage rack pack and other for my beloved Allen & Ginter's.

But lets start with the singles Bob got me.

There was this specific mini pack with a note...

Nice joke and also nice cards!

Now I have my own Ba(t)chelor to star in my Woman Perspective collection.

But lets keep going.

And just to start with my moth hang open.

An auto card of Mark Portugal. That's awesome! And even more because he's playing for Houston.

It's now in the spotlight of my relic/auto binder.

And then my moth still hang even more.

That's my beloved Molitor!

Isn't he handsome!?

'Win a Pro Player For a Day!?'

Like can I still *win* Molitor!?

And not stopping to amaze me is this beauty.

Hope you have a dup Bob!

We are not so much of a fishing country anymore (I would blame UE for that but it's all other topic) but for sure it still can characterize a bit of what we are.

But I have to say that the words on the back, trying to teach a bit of Portuguese...they are more Spanish than other thing.

But they are close enough ;)

And 'Friend' is more 'Amigo'. The translation stated is more for 'Companion' or 'Mate'.

Unfortunately the last years we kind of change the 'exporting' product. Now we export people. High qualified people.

That's what crisis brought to us...

But lets keep going in a better tone.

Gypsy Queen is one of those sets that people usually have lots to say about.

I know there were some years that the photos were a bit weird. But looking at this handsome Sale card I can almost think it's 3D! Like those UFucus modes the new smartphones have.

It's like he's truly alive and ready to throw the ball.

Next is time for...SOME DUST!

Kenny Lofton is like taking a bath in dust people!

And Jeff Treadway looks like he's practicing Long Jump!

I hope Eric Anthony's foot was alright after that play.

And then Bob surprised me with some vintage cards.

And I must say they are all going to enter my Woman Perspective binder too!

Singleton and Palmer smiles are one of a kind in the game.

Even if Singleton reminds me of work.

I think this is my first Pete Rose card. And the Schmidt card is my first none-re-print-card of him.

After all these surprises lets check both packs.

First I opened the A&G's.

I got a mini Colon!

Yep...that was kind of a joke...He's one of the not-so-mini in the game.

For what I understand this year the mini backs only have the A&G's logo with no information.

That's ok with me because the usual info is not quite readable...

I got a bit of everything in this pack! Me truly happy!

I got an horizontal card of mister Strasburg and an insert card of Natural Wonders.
That's one bloody big stalagmites example! Quite nice.

I got a current player which I don't have much to say about...But then I got two vintage players.

Everytime I see a Brewers logo I'm expecting to see my Molitor but Yount is alright.

But then, the baseball cards gods were on my side and not only I got a Yankee (I don't get a lot of them...) but it's none less than mister Babe Ruth.

Now on Heritage rack pack.

I must say the cards I got were not the worst cases of photoshop by Topps.

Matt Dominguez got to be the less natural of all because he doesn't seem to have a chin.

Look! I got an insert 1st Draft of Johnny Bench! Hope he was not always on bench...

Chris Tillman is giving the daring look...Me like it!

Also got a some Rookie Stars that probably in a few years I'll be making a post trying to understand if they were truly Rookie Stars.

Still trying to get to were Jim Adduci is looking at. (I'm that bad...)

The second part of the pack unveils the promised blue border card which is none less than Buster Posey.

And I got one Dustin Ackley to add to my players collection.

Notice John Jaso magazine-look. I think Topps has some woman working for them.

I finish with an other Rookie Star. I always notice that there are no Yankees rookies in these cards. seems we always go for the old ones.

Also a common insert in other Heritage years is the Then & Now. Again I get Colon but Juan Marichal is an asset that makes it a good looking card.

Again I must thank Bob's kindness and thank for all the great cards and packs. It was pure joy opening them and see the cards.

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  1. Awesome package! That Jim Palmer Kellogg's card is terrific.

  2. That's one helluva package. The Commish never fails to come through when it comes to cardboard generosity.