quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

When you turn the card and you see a big mess

I bought my first ever Gypsy Queen box!

Not many cards because there are only 8 packs (7 + 1...Topps people like to do math).

Which means I'll get the announced 48 cards if I get 6 per pack meaning no hit or it would make me get less cards.

I didn't get any hit if you are wondering.

But since I'm happy with...well...simply getting cards I don't mind not getting autos or relic cards.

And since I got some players I collect and a few inserts and some of them are combos, like this Jeter card (insert + great moment/photo + Jeter + Yankees) I was happy with my luck.

And look! I even got this beauty numbered blue framed Robinson!

My happiness was right there! Way up high!...


Until I turned the card and saw it was damaged.

The one and only...was damaged!

 The box was wrapped all right and the packs were all good.

But *the* card was damaged...

I suppose it was damaged while being inserted in the pack tracking back to Topps auto-insert-cards-machine.

It's a shame but I think I'll treasure it even more.

Damaged cards deserve all our love and even more than the mint cards.

All in all...It was a good first approach at buying GQ cards. The couple of them I possessed until now were all from trades. I'm liking the set a bit more. Still prefer A&G but GQ might come right at 2nd place.

8 comentários:

  1. Nice pulls. Congrats on your first GQ box. Shame the Brooks Robinson has damage, but it is still a sweet looking card.

    1. I got pretty good cards for my collections. Will show off them in a future post ;)

  2. I've pulled damaged cards like that Robinson before. Probably just an unfortunate production error on Topps' part. Still a beautiful card, though!

    1. I've pulled some damaged cards, like cards with bending corners but most of them I was prepared for that because the pack was a bit torned too.
      This one was like a 'hit' but in what damaged is concerned. But you are right it is beautiful!

  3. The Brooks card is sweet with or without the ding. If you're not getting it graded (and why would you?) and it doesn't effect the visual impact I'd never worry about things like that.

    1. I still have to understand the point of the graded cards thing..
      If the problem was on the front would spoile it all big time, but the ding on the back won't scratch the beauty of it. Quite the sight!

  4. Glad to see someone else appreciates a damaged card. Once you slide that Robinson into a 9-pocket... you'll barely notice the damage.

    1. Already on a protective sleeve and it shines even more!