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50 Cities of the World #19 Lisbon

I just bought two new non-sport cards collections.

If A&G inserts don't come to me I find a way of having something similar.

So, with all these beautiful cards that now I have I'm starting a new topic in the blog. I hope to keep these posts coming as often as I can because both collections have 50 cards each!

One of the collections is 'Cities of the World' and I'm starting with card #19 because it's my city and Portugal capital Lisboa (Lisbon).

The cards are minis and are reprints from the original ones.

But just look at that beauty...who cares if they are reprints or not!?

They are like little precious paintings in my hand.

In the 'painting' you can see an top view of downtown buildings and Praça do Comércio (Commerce Square) also known as Terreiro do Paço (Palace Square) because it was where the markets were and also has a huge palace making a U shape all around the square.

This was probable the most affected zone in the capital when we suffered the 1755 earthquake that created a huge tsunami that almost cleared the capital from the map.

After the earthquake, the square was completely rebuilt.

Well...who told us to have our feet right on the Tagus River?

When turning the card on the back we have the usual little trivia about the city as well the cigarettes logo.

Thank goodness we no longer have to buy cigars to get this precious.

As you can see, we are well known because of the terrible earthquake. We might be counting the days until something like that happens again.

But as we are known for the massive destruction we suffered we are also known for the great recovery!

On next post I'll start from card #1. Can you guess which city it might be!?

You all can check a bit more about Lisbon in the wiki page.

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  1. Card #1? If the set is alpha I'm guessing Alexandria. But the Players cigs were British so maybe London.