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2011 Topps Opening Day Favourites

After put on paper all cards I have I'm going through them again, now to appreciate them and not just to make a list.

One of the sets I looked at again was Topps OD for year 2011. Got some fun with my Pedro Alvarez glowing-in-the-dark-card.

Other cards I liked looking at was the bunch that follows:

#95 Josh Johnson (blue) - one of my favorite P as I said before in other post, so I get happy for all his cards and this one is a numbered-blue one

#1 Carlos Gonzalez - like the photo, and after getting a relic card of him I confess I've paid much more attention to Gonzalez cards
#133 Alex Rios - can we always have field-action-photos? Thanks.
#164 Grady Sizemore - like the photo
#5 David Wright - I know he's with a funny face but he's in action!
#61 Jason Bay - that's a hitter's photo.
#199 Francisco Liriano - look at that stretch
#55 Cliff Lee - not so good stats in next year card back but he always get good photos. Fast ball is coming!
#90 Chase Utley - got this and spot-the-error card and they have the same moment photo with just a split of seconds of difference I can tell
#124 Clayton Kershaw - one of Dodgers faces and that's not only because he looks good on the photos but because is one of best P around
#150 Matt Cain - I don't like SF but they do have some of the best players around these days, one of the new perfect-game-pitcher is one of them

#174 Buster Posey - he has that kiddo look...
#201 Madison Bumgarner - the 3rd SF player I get in the list oh well...
#70 Freddie Freeman - got this pretty RC!
#191 Corey Hart - an other hitter and probably for the HR in this photo
#14 Ben Zobrist - got to be one of my favorite just for the flying catch. Add the funny face and it's a bonus
#19 Carlos Marmol - landscape P photos are the best
#127 Nick Swisher - fly big Swish fly!
#215 Mark Teixeira - my favorite player in nowadays
#36 Daniel Descalso - one of the best RC I have in all my collection! Love the sliding photo! In action RC are much better than the portrait ones
#151 Adam Wainwright - like the retro uniform
#139 Michael Young - he's playing to get the out for sure!
#190 Elvis Andrus - get the out at the 2B
#154 Dan Haren - I liked him better at ARZ but oh well...still think he's one of the best P and in the bottom of him he's a Yankee

Note: images are not mine.

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