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Wild pitch by Topps II

Well, after some google search I found what HTA cards I got for mistake on my simple 2009 Topps UH value box were.

They are a bunch of 2009 Topps Home Team Advantage Rookies Baseball Cards.
It seams that the five HTA RCs I got were presented in some 2009 Topps UH Jumbo boxes.

#HTA11 Colby Rasmus

#HTA12 Kenshin Kawakami

#HTA13 Michael Bowden

#HTA14 Edwin Moreno

#HTA15 Ricky Romero

So Topps made a mistake and I got a pile of them. After checking the 'good' cards I got I found out I have an other HTA RC. And I really like this one because its a Yankee!

#HTA17 Ramiro Pena

I don't think they have great price value for what I checked at eBay. But I must say it was difficult to find people selling or trading these cards.

I found out that they are more of these cards but numbered HOB#. The list is as follow:

HOB1 - David Price
HOB2 - Rick Porcello
HOB3 - Ryan Perry
HOB4 - Brett Anderson
HOB5 - David Freese
HOB6 - Koji Uehara
HOB7 - Elvis Andrus
HOB8 - Trevor Cahill
HOB9 - Andrew Bailey
HOB10 - Jordan Schafer

The other HTA cards I'm missing are these:

HTA16 - Tommy Hanson
HTA18 - Freddy Sandoval
HTA19 - Andrew McCutchen
HTA20 - George Kottaras

So...if anyone want the HTA cards through 11 to 15 then please leave a comment and we can manage a trade.

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