sexta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2012

RC - Rick Porcello

I just ordered an other 2009 Topps Update & Highlights box. Yep I was bored and wanted to get some packs to open.
But before the box arrive, hopefully next Thursday, I went through my 2009 UH cards and found this Turkey Red that is not red.

TR116 - Rick Porcello P@DET RC

Firstly I like TR cards. And specially this gray/blue ones better than the burned-yellow ones.

Second I had this sympathy for Rick. He was the tounger player when he got his ML debut. Got looooooooooooove kid-look-players. They are simply cute! (Yep, that's girly talk).
But besides this he looked like a huge add-on to DET roster. Having a W-L record of 14-9 helped a lot. I wish Yankees had prospects like this...

Other thing that I liked about him immediately was the brawl with Youkilis and getting all Red Sox and Tigers benches warming up for a good fight. Eh Eh...(bitchy moment of mine).

The only other cards I have of Porcello are this 2010 Upper Deck and 2012 Topps Series One

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