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O-Pee-Chee Premier 1992 - Final appreciation

I finally opened all packs from the OPC box.

Here are some of the highlights.

And as you already know, without Paul Molitor...

This pack even with double Drabek card is great.

I got a dugout-sunglasses-Lofton card looking real good.

Also got Mister Cal Ripken and Mister Bell swinging great.

And also a Chris Sabo card.

With goggles!

Shame the back is he looking with petit eyes because he's missing the glasses.

 The next pack in highlights has two dugout cards.

A Randolph ready to go out and bat and a resting MacDonald.

Castillo is looking good too.

But the main focus goes to Mister Strawberry.

And his abscess.

Are you really going to spit that?

This pack might be the best I got.

One more Lofton looking good.

I like a lot Gregg Olson card don't know why. I got a couple of those and it grew on me.

Now the 3 focus cards are:

Nolan Ryan of course.

I like having cards with the pitcher with the throwing hand still down.

George Brett presented with an after-swing photo.

Do you think he will get to 1B?

Or is he looking for an home run?

And the bat is still falling in the air. That's a nice touch to the photo.

And Barry Bonds.

Only because of the earing!

That's really too '80s/'90s!

And I cannot understand why players use that kind of props during games.

On this pack I got two big players: Fielder and Gwynn. Cecil seems like he just hit a fly ball, but Tony is ready to bunt the ball and move the players on base.

Roberto Alomar.

Enough said?

No! Because he simply have a great photo! And for the great 1992 year which is maybe the best in his career.

I also like the McGriff photo. Seems like a karate pose.

This is the second best pack.

Yet an other Brett but it is such a great card that I simply like it in duplicate mode.

The same with Ripken Jr. card. What makes this card not being better is the bat being cut off the photo. If it was a landscape photo it would be just great.

Now about Santiago...I love the style! His back photo is not so great because of the mustache. And that's wahy the front photo is the best...the beard!

And if it wasn't enough I'm introduced to Mister Kelly Gruber!Aren't we looking good too? I know it's a fly ball baby but I'm here to support you, and your card.

But again I have this strange thing and like cards for no big reason at all. This Seitzer card is an other one of all those strange things.

My next step is put all the cards by order and see if I'm missing just a couple of cards or if I need to hit my Karma a bit more.

All the dups are ready to go into your hands if you want any.

I had pretty fun opening the box that's what it matter the most.

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