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The future is now

After showing my Michael Jordan card lets see what the future brings.

There is an insert set in the '94 Upper Deck set containing some players that were around the 20's on the Opening Day.

Well it's like the films Back to the Future.

As you see in the top photo I got 6 packs but today I'm just showing the TFIN cards for the first 3 packs I opened.

I have yet to take the picture of the remaining 3 packs cards.

I got these three all in one pack. Since they are cards from a supposed insert set that's stretching the odds.

Not that I care.

The cards are cool all shinny and stuff.

First is the starting pitcher for Boston Aaron Sele. The first thing to notice is the bubble gum. And his '93 stats also look good for a rookie.

Second is the well known Mike Piazza with a play-at-the-plate with the Atlanta Braves' Terry Pendleton. His card back talks for itself. One of the best offensive catchers.

To end is Frank Thomas. It's weird seeing such a young Frank Thomas. But this is one of the parallels Electric Diamond. But the only difference in these cards is the logo on the front stating it's a Electric Diamond.

From the three Sele is the youngest and Frank Thomas is the one with most ML seasons by the '94 Opening day.

The second pack brought me two more cards.

This time around I got Rod Beck a relief pitcher. And his '93 48 saves in 76 games is just great for a 25-year-old player!

I would just cut that mustache-going-on-beard off right away!

Next I got an other Electric Diamond parallel of the Kid!

Ken Griffey Jr. was 24 back in '94. Really, looking back to his rookie card he looked like he came out directly from the kindergarten to the ball park.

Other pack got me the 'base' TFIN Frank Thomas card. As you can see it has nothing different from the other unless not figuring the 'Electric Diamond'.

But other thing, at 25 with 4 year in the majors and his position stated is DH!?

Are they trying to say something...?

And in the same pack the Electric Diamond parallel promised in every pack is again one of the TFIN insert card.

But this time the players name letter seem to shine more like the Electric Diamond logo! But I'll be back to it in a future post...(I have some evidences of 'errors'!)

An other 23-year-old starting pitcher, mister Steve Avery.

And why I like this card? Because it prints the best season before the decline of Avery. With already 3 ML season at the age of 23 Avery had a terrific season and promised so much...But that was it.

So I think I'll take this Avery card as his prelude-to-sunset.

Stay tuned for more '94 UD cards in future posts.

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