quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Catching up day

It's so hot outside and it's not yet 9 in the morning (GMT people).

So the best way to go with a sunny warm day is with our bright yellow set of '91 Fleer.

Today is dedicated to catchers.

Lets see if I have more cards of them catching or batting.

Troy Afenir is just catching for the photo but that's not a content face.

Now Ron Hassey by the way the mask is on the ground and the movement a bit to the side it seems this is a play-at-the-plate but only featuring the catcher and the umpire.

Hassey would catch the ball and try to tag on time the sliding player. Or bulldozer player like those who simply go straight ahead and take everything or everyone on their way.

Steve Lake also in a game action play but this time around I think he's threatening some player to get the out, say what, at 3B?

I don't know why but Lake here reminds me of a Quidditch player.

Here Jeff Reed starts the catchers at bat theme.

By his face he doesn't seem that confident. But for what I saw from his stats he's more of the defensive catcher than one of those to impress with a BA above the common.

Tom Pagnozzi isn't doing that well ether because he seems to have just swing and pop-up.

Greg Olson on other hand seems ready to make the pitcher bite the dust with the swing he will make.

But for Olson it's better to appear safely batting in a card than catching. He was one of those who got run over by a bulldozer.

John Russell is a catcher at the dugout.

This photo to me shows Russell in a day-off. Catchers are probably the most to be switch more often. Their position is not easy.

To end I have here mister Tim McIntosh who only has a funny apple name (do I have to pay for mention that name?) but nothing more to say.

I think I have at least two cards of him. That or I am in denial of something and I'm wishing to have more that one card of him.

To sum it up, I prefer catchers featured in cards catching instead of batting. The simple posing-for-the-photo are in a different category.

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