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Fantasy Team has Home Field Advantage

Keeping with the inserts I got in the first 3 packs of '94 Upper Deck today I have two different to show.

Again two insert cards together in the same pack.

Just to assure you that the other 3 packs that I have yet to take pictures are a bit different. The inserts were distributed a bit better.

So I got the Home Field Advantage for Andres Galarraga and the Rockies and for the Pirates Jay Bell.

Sorry but I still cannot understand why there are different sizes between ballparks and worst, why there are different sizes in the left and right fields of one ballpark.

For football here we have a minimum and a maximum size for it and the clubs have to respect that to compete in the official leagues.

Next is Sammy Sosa and the Chicago Cubs.

At least we get to see a bit of the ivy-covered wall.

As you can see we get plenty of info on the card back.

But the front is not the best. I know there are other cards in the insert set that have reversed roles, where the player takes the spotlight and the field is secondary.

Like this Paul Molitor example.

1994 Upper Deck #294 - Paul Molitor HFA - Courtesy of

Isn't it beautiful!?

But I didn't have the fortune to get that Molitor card nor any of those like it.

To end the post is the only 1993 Fantasy Team insert I got.

I assume the stats on the back (which I haven't checked yet) are the final leagues states for the '93 season. And so those are the best players we could get on our fantasy team.

The thing is that or I am getting quite blind or cannot find Albert Belle in the list because he is simply not there.

So why make this card!?

I end today's post quite confused.

Have a nice weekend.

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