segunda-feira, 26 de agosto de 2013

Baseball dunk!

Like I posted in the previous post I finally got the missing package with lots of packs to open.

I managed to open them all this past weekend but it was just for the opening new packs stress to go away.

I mean by that that I still have to look with all my attention to the cards I got because I cannot remember them.

But there is one card that pop-up (the first card for the matter) from the first '94 Upper Deck pack I opened and that caught all my attention right on the spot.


I dunked my first and only Michael Jordan baseball card!

The Air Man was the icon from my childhood. Those were the days!

Of course that the Space Jam was like the sunset moment for Jordan.

I checked the card on eBay and got opened mouth with some asking prices. Then I got to and the prices got a bit more what I expected.

None the same, for me this card is on my collection spotlight for the moment!

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