quarta-feira, 31 de julho de 2013

A Big Dad Trade

My second trade complete!

This time around it was with Jack, aka, BASEBALL DAD, who writes the great blog Baseball Dad's ALL TRIBE BASEBALL.

Here's the first look of the cards Jack sent me along side the pack of this years Topps Series 2 flagship set.

You can see by now that Jack got me a 'red Yankee' which makes my day only by that.

Will be posting all the cards in a future post.

Right now, as usually, I'm just staring at them.

As a note:
I commented in a previous post that I was waiting to get some cards I ordered from two European countries which were missing.

They are still missing and I think I won't get them...But the mail from USA arrives fast on time and in great conditions.

I think I'll start ordering only from USA because the mail are handle more carefully.

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  1. Glad you received and like them ! I'm working on posting your package as well !