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1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 3)

And here we are with pack #3.

I start with an other common SQ card featuring Ken Griffey Jr.

But the highlight is all for my first rare Super Powers SQ card!

Now I get the stars in the left bottom of the card in the front...

And it's a young Jim Thome. What a cool card!

Now going to a base card.

Will Cunnane has a funny name.

It's a Diamond Debut card and I'm thinking while looking at the back photo if the umpire would allow Will to pitch two balls instead of just one...

And the second base card is ready to go to one of my binder collection.

Walt Weiss card should be seen from back-to-front since the photos are from the same play (99.9999999999% sure...) and the back photo is before the front photo.

And if you turn the card fast enough you can almost have a cheap animated gif ^_-

And the first no-no...

I was ready for some dups...but getting dups in the same pack is too much!

At least is a great card.

It's one of the inserts that made me want this cards. I've seen similar insert sets for hockey cards so I got my eyes all shiny knowing UD did have the same insert set in a baseball product.

Cool too that the mini photo in the back is still with the catcher wearing mask.

At first, when I pulled this card in the pack I tought it was Jason Giambi but no...it's Larry Walker.

But don't they look alike!?

And at the last two more Rookie Class cards. Both with Diamond Debut.

I get the DD mark in base cards. I can dream the photo was really taken in the very debut game.

But in this insert set I don't see the need...They are already rookie cards. Just state the debut on the back and it's done.

So yep. So far this #3 pack was the best. I have 22 more packs to go!

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  1. I never noticed that those cards had different numbers of stars until now.

    1. It's always good to find out new things about (a bit) old cards ;)