sábado, 29 de março de 2014

1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 7)

I already got Cover Glory insert card of Garciaparra and now I get his SQ card.

The looks he's throwing at the card back photo is quite intense an?

I think I understand why Hamelin is a DH...that belly.

Which makes me think that it's the future for Prince Fielder.

And now we are talking right!

And other Masked Marauder insert card!

I'd just like to know where is the ball in the front photo? I'd expected to see some of it in the glove but...

The uniform Shaw is wearing is from Spring Training or was it an alternative uniform?

Weiss is a dup but since it fits in one of my binders collection I let it pass.

And Morandi is also a binder!

I love to see cards with photos of players almost eating the dirt!

I cannot get how they aren't afraid to go with head-to-front instead of foot-to-front. But the thing is that they always produce great moments and cards.

And ending the pack, that was so much better than the last one, is an other Stick-ums!

This time around is Roger Clemens that not only looks quite strange in Blue Jays uniform but also looks like bending in order to escape the ball flying into his direction.

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    1. But one thing baseball has best as any other sport is that you can be small, tall, fast, less fast, strong, less strong, thin, a bit heavy...it doesn't matter. There is always a place for you in the diamond of dreams ;)