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1998 Collector's Choice - That lunch box! (pack 1)

Remember the lunch box?

I thought I would have time to show you the cards before but a life passed by in these last couple of months so I can now start showing you the cards...finally!

Each pack brings 9 cards so going for the first pack lets see what I got.

And now the first card is...

Star Quest Alex Rodriguez!

As the card back says it's quite the special delivery...

Here Rodriguez is wearing Seattle colours and I like to think that back then there was nothing extra that helped him playing the game so well and the same for the first years of him with my Yankees.

Even with the blurriness it's a fine card. It's a clean design for an insert as the Star Quest that made more appearances in more recent years and that made me not like that much those inserts.

I'm still to figure out if there are all those SQ variations like commons, rare and so.

The next two cards are base cards.

After I loved so much the '96 CC design I was expecting to feel even more love about the '98 design but I feel...bahhhhhhhhhhh

It's not a bad design. It's in the line of what Upper Deck used to do and it's mainly clean and photo centered.

The back has the usual states and instead of the questions box that '96 CC had this year we have a 'do you know' box. For me it doesn't matter the style they use to bring me close to the game and know more trivia about baseball. Bring it on!

Now less blurred two more base cards.

And now I totally forget about the blahhhhhh design or anything else.

Dust is in the air people!

That beautiful slide and all that dust floating...

I know it's Bill Mueller card but...

I search in baseball almanac and it says Angles #10 in '97 was Dave Hollins. Do you copy?

But besides the great front photo in Mueller's cards the back photo suggests that the two photos are from the same play.

And I also got my first Yankee in the jam!

Chad Curtis with a big swing and again the front and back photos look to belong to the same play.

The first pack also screamed three more insert cards.

A Cover Glory insert with one of the lunch box boys: Mister Ken Griffey Jr.!

The colours remind me of one of the checklists cards from the '96 CC.

I also got 2 Rookie Class cards.

And that Carpenter Diamond Debut card is lovely!

And talking about checklist and to finish the pack I got a checklist.

But it has more than a checklist. It has a pub section!

At first I thought it was some trivia about the clubs uniforms or so, but after reading it's publicizing about some special insert cards that has the uniforms format.

That sounds like a good insert! Hope I get one of those at least!

So that's it for the first pack! I'll try to post more often the other packs I still have to open.

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  1. That year the Star Quest inserts were distributed into 4 levels:

    Special Deliver (SQ1 to SQ45) - One per pack. (Common)
    Students of the Game (SQ46 to SQ65) - One per 21 packs. (Uncommon)
    Super Powers (SQ66 to SQ80) - One per 71 packs. (Rare)
    Superstar Domain (SQ81 to SQ90) - One per 145 packs. (Ultra Rare)

    1. Ohh Thanks!
      So if my Alex Rodriguez SQ is #35 is a common. Lets see what I get in the next ones.